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CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme

Learner Information

The aim of the CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme is to ensure a basic knowledge of health and safety for all site personnel to enable them, after appropriate site induction, to work on site safely, with lower risk to themselves and others.

Leading a team safely

This new course was launched in January 2014 and replaced the Supervisor Course. The course has been very well received and feedback from Training Providers and candidates has been very positive.

Combined CCNSG/ACE card

Originally the CCNSG Safety Passport and ACE were separate schemes with their own cards as proof of achievement. The ACE qualification can now appear on the ACE/CCNSG combined card. The separate cards can be combined following a holder's next CCNSG Safety Passport course. They should take their ACE card with them and ask the training provider to supply a combined card.

CCNSG Standardisation meetings

Standardisation meetings are held once a year for training providers to discuss the standards and development of the CCNSG programmes.

The CCNSG website contains information about the Client Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG).

The site has details about our structure and operations. The website is fully interactive with links for ease of use about how to find a CCSNG Approved Training Provider, CCNSG Courses and other relevant information and links to websites.

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Training Provider Information

To be able to deliver the CCNSG Safety Passport programmes you will first need to become an Approved Training Provider. The full procedure and related forms are linked below however, should you wish to discuss anything we will be happy to answer your queries.

To enable ECITB to consider an application, the training provider would need to complete, in full, the following;

  • ECITB Approved Provider Application Form (PAM008).
  • Approved Provider and Contractor Application Form.
  • Registration as an ECITB Approved Trainer/Tester Application Form (PAM009).

Following a finance and legal due diligence review of the Approved Provider and Contractor Application Form, the Provider Approval and Monitoring (PAM) department will arrange an approval visit to the potential training provider to review resources, facilities, and trainer/tester registrations. At this stage the provider will be notified of the potential visit date and given a copy of the relevant programme approval criteria.

Training Providers that are already approved under the NSA-N and/or NEF Quality Assured Providers programme will be exempt from the initial approval audit and should complete the forms as stated above.

Where the approval visit is successful, provisional approval notification will be sent in writing. For CCNSG, Management & Professional and Skills & Technical programmes, an annual Licence Agreement and invoice for the licence and audit fees will be sent. For Apprenticeships this will be an invitation to submit a tender offer.

All new providers will be audited within the first three months of approval, including direct observation of course/training delivery where applicable. Approved Training Providers will receive a minimum of a further two audits per year as specified in the annual Licence Agreement. Applications for additional programmes may be subject to an approval audit and associated fees. The ECITB reserves the right to conduct additional audits at their discretion.

The Training Provider approval process is distinct from the approval process for the ECITB Awarding Body. 

For further information, please contact the PAM Department at;

PAM Administration
Blue Court, Church Lane
Kings Langley
Herts, WD4 8JP
01923 260000


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