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Your feedback matters to us and we listen carefully to all comments and complaints.

If you wish to make a complaint about any product, service or experience you have had with the ECITB, please email your complaint directly to complaints@ecitb.org.uk

Or alternatively complete and submit the form above.

Or write to:
Complaints Team
Policy and Corporate Affairs Department
Blue Court, Church Lane
Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8JP

We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days and will aim to respond fully within 30 days.

Read our Complaints Policy and Procedures here.

Susan Smart Head of Skills Strategy susan.smart@ecitb.org.uk
Lisa Williamson Senior Account Manager lisa.williamson@ecitb.org.uk
Carol Sinclair Account Manager carol.sinclair@ecitb.org.uk
Paul Hynd Account Manager paul.hynd@ecitb.org.uk
Vince Dutch Account Manager vince.dutch@ecitb.org.uk
Nikki Macpherson Account Manager nikki.macpherson@ecitb.org.uk
Sallyann Garrard-Hughes Head of Skills Strategy sallyann.hughes@ecitb.org.uk
Sean Thompson Senior Account Manager sean.thompson@ecitb.org.uk
Mark Rae Account Manager mark.rae@ecitb.org.uk
Lesley Coombes Account Manager lesley.coombes@ecitb.org.uk
Chris O’Connell Account Manager chris.oconnell@ecitb.org.uk
Martyn Johnson Head of Skills Strategy martyn.johnson@ecitb.org.uk
David Lewis Senior Account Manager david.lewis@ecitb.org.uk
Matt Knights Account Manager matt.knights@ecitb.org.uk
Alan Edmunds Account Manager alan.edmunds@ecitb.org.uk
Jenny Young Head of Skills Strategy jenny.young@ecitb.org.uk
Dawn Thompson Senior Account Manager dawn.thompson@ecitb.org.uk
Mat Parker Account Manager mat.parker@ecitb.org.uk
Lorraine Rose Account Manager lorraine.rose@ecitb.org.uk
Beccy Pleasant Head of Skills Strategy beccy.pleasant@ecitb.org.uk
Mike Preston Senior Account Manager mike.preston@ecitb.org.uk
Claire Mackenzie Account Manager claire.mackenzie@ecitb.org.uk

To find out more about the ECITB’s international operations, products and services please contact:

Jason Riley
International Business Development Manager
00 44 7967 653556

Grace Omit 
International Operations and Commercial Administrator
00 973 6675 9826

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act means that anyone, anywhere, can ask for information held by ECITB. However, there may be times when we can’t give you everything you have asked for, because the Act has some exemptions which may apply.

To submit a request, please email foi@ecitb.org.uk stating clearly the information you require.

Alternatively submit your request using the form above.

For media enquiries contact Tom Shipp, Media and Strategic Communications Manager, via 01923 402139 or email tom.shipp@ecitb.org.uk