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Unlocking your future with a career in engineering construction

Great starting salary

Highly competitive earning potential

A growing workforce

40k extra workers will be needed by 2028

Global travel

Work on major projects across the globe

Make a difference

Make a positive impact and contribute towards a sustainable future

ECITB research reveals around 40,000 additional workers will be needed for major projects, including those related to net zero by 2028.  There will be career opportunities for mechanical and electrical engineers, scaffolders, process engineers, project managers, pipefitters, welders and instrument and control technicians.

The engineering construction industry (ECI) needs new talent, like you, and it welcomes people from all backgrounds who bring different strengths and ideas to make a better future for all.

Already working in the ECI and looking to enhance your learning and professional development?

ECITB training, tests and qualifications are created for industry in partnership with industry to ensure they deliver the skills and qualifications employers need.

Explore qualifications, training or tests

Net zero and the energy transition. Big words with bigger meanings

Engineering construction is vital to the country’s net zero goals both to build the infrastructure our country needs to reduce emissions and design and engineer methods of taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  But what does this have to do with the energy transition?

In fact, what is the energy transition?

Learn more about net zero and the energy transition

Which career pathway is right for me?

Skills underpin everything we do in engineering construction.  Some skills you will bring with you, many more you will learn as you continue your career journey.

There are opportunities for everyone in engineering construction – whether you are a school leaver, a graduate or looking to retrain or pursue a new career after having a career break or leaving the Armed Forces.

If you have an interest in being part of something important there is a place for you.

Find out more about the ECITB scholarships, apprenticeships, graduate opportunities and the ECITB Work Ready programme.

ECITB Scholarships video thumbnail

ECITB Scholarships

  • Best for school leavers
  • Earn while you learn
  • Combine practical training and study
  • Obtain industry qualifications and site passports with direct access to potential employers
Read more about scholarships
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ECITB Work Ready Programme

  • Designed for job seekers aged 19+
  • Full-funded training
  • Access to employers
  • Gain in-demand industry skills and accredited qualifications
Read about the Work Ready Programme
Apprenticeships video thumbnail


  • Best for school leavers
  • Earn while you learn
  • Combine practical training and study
  • Employed from day one with clear routes of progression in an exciting career
Read more about apprenticeships
Graduate Opportunities video thumbnail

Graduate Opportunities

  • Best for university graduates
  • Earn a highly competitive salary
  • Graduate positions provide entry routes into highly valued roles
  • Receive personal guidance and mentoring
Read more about graduate careers

What could my career in engineering construction look like?

It doesn’t matter where you start from or how you get here, a career in engineering construction puts you into the next generation of engineers that have the skills to deliver net zero and a future that’s better for all of us.

Here’s where Ashley, Ali and Charlie’s career journeys have taken them.

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Ashley Rowley

Started their career as an ECITB Scholar

Scholarship Student

Ashley received industrial skills and knowledge training over one academic year, earning a bursary of £60 per week while they studied.


They were introduced to employers during their studies and were offered a full-time apprenticeship, earning whilst continuing to learn.

Wind Turbine Technician

They now conduct critical maintenance and inspections of wind turbines on and offshore, playing a key role in the renewables industry.

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Ali Patel

Started their career as a university graduate

Graduate Project Manager

Ali joined a graduate programme with a global organisation after university.

Junior Project Manager

They were offered a Junior PM role at the same company and are worked on a new energy project in Norway.

Senior Project Manager

They now oversee their own projects and support a wider team on projects across the globe.

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Charlie Smith

Started their career as an apprentice

Apprentice welder

Charlie was hired as an apprentice welder and split their time between college and work.


They completed their apprenticeship and worked as a welder in the construction of a new nuclear power station.

Metal Fabrication Supervisor

They now oversee and manage a large team of welders on the decommissioning of a power station.

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