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ECITB support to employers for new entrants

The ECITB runs two new entrant programmes – Scholarships and Work Ready.

Scholarships are designed primarily to attract school leavers.

Work Ready targets people aged over 18 who:

  • are not currently in Employment, Education or Training
  • might be looking for a career change in a new sector
  • are leaving the Armed Forces and looking for opportunities in a new industry


Both programmes directly engage employers to ensure they deliver the specific skills and trades needed in those geographic areas. Read more on each of the programmes below and how you can get involved.

The ECITB also provides grant support to employers through our apprenticeship or graduate programmes. For more information contact your Relationship Manager or click the below link to find out about grant support.

Training grants

The ECITB Scholarship programme

Skills to meet industry demand

A sustainable pipeline of new talent for industry

A new generation

Over 500 learners across England, Scotland and Wales attracted to the industry through the Scholarship Programme

UK wide initiative

Established centres in all the major Industrial ‘hot spot’ areas and clusters

What does the Scholarship programme involve?

The programme offers employers an excellent opportunity to recruit a young person who has had the requisite industrial training to be either fast-tracked into an apprenticeship or be recruited as a direct site hire for further progression in the workplace.

Scholarships can be either level 2 or 3 and last one or two years respectively.

Employers are able to engage directly with the programme from initial recruitment through to supporting and mentoring scholars, offering work placement and employment opportunities. This gives employers the perfect opportunity to spot and nurture talent at no cost or risk to their business.

The scholarship cohorts starting in Autumn 2024 include the following pathways:

  • Mechanical
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Pipefitting, Plating and Welding
  • Pipefitting and Welding
  • Rigging
  • Fabrication and Welding


In each pathway, learners gain industrial skills and knowledge as well as an industry-recognised qualification and a CCNSG Safety passport.


The programme includes

  • Industrial skills and knowledge training for 3-5 days a week over one academic year.
  • Online content – ECITB Digital Passport, clean energy technologies and behavioural based safety.
  • ECITB Pre Employment Programme which includes:
    • CCNSG Safety Passport.
    • Working safely with hand tools, power tools and equipment.
    • Manual handling.
    • Low risk confined space.
    • Working at height.
    • Abrasive wheels (handheld and bench mounted).
    • Regular meetings with ECI employers looking for new talent.
    • Work placements with ECI employers.

To find out more about how you can engage with the Scholarship programme as an employer please contact:

Adrian Wookey 6 Scaled Aspect Ratio 600 600

“Employer engagement is central to all we do at the ECITB to ensure the programmes we facilitate are meeting industry needs.  We know the forecasted demand for skills across industry between now and 2030 is unprecedented, so we must ensure there is a sustainable pipeline of talent in place – to support industry activity now and to deliver the growing number of key infrastructure projects looming on the horizon.”

Adrian Wookey

Head of New Entrants, ECITB

The ECITB Work Ready Programme

Collaborative solution

A collaboration between the ECITB, employers, training providers, the Department of Work and Pensions and local partners

Wide reaching impact

Cohorts in 2024 established in Cumbria, Pembrokeshire, Hampshire and Teesside

Qualified workers

Learners achieve a Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations and the ECITB Pre Employment Programme (PEP)

What does the Work Ready programme involve?

Work Ready offers learners aged 18 and over the opportunity to gain recognised industry skills and accredited qualifications as well as helping them secure employment.

It is designed for people who are not currently in Employment, Education or Training (NEET), who are looking to retrain into a new career or are leaving the Armed Forces.

The programme which lasts up to 16 weeks was developed to create a pipeline of new entrants to help address skills shortages in the engineering construction industry.

ECITB’s Labour Forecasting Tool predicts a 28% increase in demand for workers by 2028.

Following the success of pilot schemes in Wales and Teesside, the programme has expanded across the UK in 2024 with further cohorts in Cumbria, Pembrokeshire, Teesside and Hampshire.

Learners who have successfully completed the programme and gained employment include formerly long-term unemployed and ex-Forces personnel.

Upon successful completion of the programme, learners gain a Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations and employability skills training.




They will also receive work-ready skills and ECITB certification including:

  • Client and Contract National Safety Group (CCNSG) Safety Passport
  • Manual handling
  • Handheld and abrasive wheels
  • Working in low risk confined space
  • Working at height
  • Working safely with hand and power tools and equipment
  • ECITB Digital Passport (delivered through online learning) includes:
        • Using devices and handling information
        • Creating and editing documents and spreadsheets,
        • Digital communication
        • Correspondence and presentations
        • Online safety

Learn more about the ECITB Labour Forecasting Tool

Based on current forecasts, demand within the engineering construction industry could peak as early as 2028, with around 40,000 additional workers needed on top of the existing supply of 101,000, taking into account retirements. This could represent a 28% increase in demand between 2023 and 2028.

Labour Forecasting Tool

If you are interested in the ECITB Work Ready Programme, please contact your ECITB Relationship Manager or email:

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