ECITB Technical Tests

Engineering technical tests from the ECITB assess and validate the ability of individual employees or prospective recruits to perform the skill-based tasks that the industry needs. They help ensure the critical skills of engineering construction craftspeople and technicians match the demands of industry, both today and in the future.

Companies and contractors looking for a quick, easy and reliable way to prove the competencies of their workforce should use engineering technical tests.

For training providers and test centres, they offer a great opportunity to deliver a proven product to meet industry demand.

An ECITB Technical Test provides a snapshot of an individual’s current ability – much like an MOT.  A test might be carried out for various reasons, such as a contractual requirement or in relation to a specific industry skills need (such as Mechanical Joint Integrity Offshore).  Technical Tests focus on related aspects of craft and technical disciplines and test both an individual’s knowledge of, and then their ability to perform, a specific industry task. Tests typically take one or two hours to complete, which means the same individual can take tests in several different skills in a day.

Craftspeople and technicians who require immediate proof of highly job-specific skills and knowledge should sit ECITB Technical Tests. Candidates will probably have existing qualifications, although those qualifications might not be recent or job-specific.

No. Technical Tests are more specific and immediate. A Technical Test examines a candidate’s current ability to perform a defined task where as a Vocational Qualification takes longer to complete and covers a broader subject area. ECITB Technical Tests follow National Occupational Standards, which means they combine critical skills and knowledge testing with health and safety training.

You can browse all the Technical Tests on offer in our catalogue.

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A Knowledge-Only Test assesses a candidate’s understanding of the theory behind a job-specific skill. Candidates must provide photo identification, National Insurance number, email address and complete the ECITB data consent form. The test centre will also take a digital photo for ECITB records. This type of engineering technical test is taken on computer or tablet with no supporting materials or use of assistance from personal devices. Test centres operate a clear desk policy and an invigilator will be present to administer the test session.

Knowledge Tests consist of 35 multiple-choice questions. Successful candidates who score 80% or higher in the test will be awarded with the ECITB Certificate of Achievement.

Front cover of Technical Tests catalogue showing two men in overalls working.

ECITB technical tests catalogue