The ECITB Awarding Organisation

The ECITB is a recognised Awarding Organisation for engineering construction qualifications.

We are regulated by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation to develop and award vocational qualifications in England and Scotland. Our qualifications certify learning and validate competence across craft and technical skills, as well as supervisory, management and professional disciplines. They improve quality and standards for the industry, ensuring engineering construction companies stay competitive both nationally and globally.


Policies and procedures relating to ECITB Awarding Organisation activities and those of its Approved Centres are available here:

The Qualifications and Awards Committee Membership and Terms of Reference

The Qualifications and Awards Committee members are:

  • Professor Joseph Howe – Chair
  • Terry Stone
  • Dave Whitehouse
  • Richard Clarke (union representative)
  • Rees Davies

The terms of reference are available here: Qualifications and Awards Committee TOR