Careers in Engineering Construction

Engineering construction. It’s the foundation for the fabric of our lives. From the heat to warm our homes, the clean water to drink or the fuel for our cars, engineering construction is the industry that underpins all of the critical infrastructure across the globe.

Engineering construction is the industry that looks after the UK’s critical infrastructure. Engineering construction companies design, construct and maintain some of our major industrial facilities. When you join this industry you enter a world that offers career progression, opportunities to travel and a chance to make a positive difference to the planet!

It’s about engineering a better future.  

Engineering a Better Future is the ECITB’s campaign to showcase the importance of engineering construction to our everyday lives, why it’s critical for energy security, to net zero and the energy transition (we’ll also learn a bit about what this means).

Engineering construction offers personal and professional growth and opportunities.  Come with us on a journey as we explore the many entry routes and pathways to a better future.

Work Ready Programme

What is Engineering Construction?

The engineering construction industry (ECI) is responsible for the design, delivery, repair, maintenance and decommissioning of some of the UK’s most important infrastructure.  

Engineering construction companies work in oil and gas, nuclear and renewables, as well as other major process industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, water and waste treatment. 

The scope of the industry’s work covers activities throughout the entire life cycle of major engineering projects, including concept and engineering design, procurement, project management, construction, installation, commissioning, testing, maintenance and dismantling. 

Engineering construction will be at the heart of the revolution as we start to make serious progress towards the energy solutions needed to tackle climate change. 

What our people do

People working in engineering construction design, test, install, maintain, repair, commission and decommission industrial facilities. They work on the design and installation of new energy solutions and are instrumental in helping to decarbonise existing facilities.   

As a result, our engineers are crucial in helping to tackle climate change and achieving Net Zero.  

There are a wide range of careers available in engineering construction. Whether you have technical skills, a flair for design or leadership qualities, there are roles to suit different interests, skills and aptitudes.  We all come from different backgrounds and bring unique strengths and ideas so that they can be used to make a better future for all. 

And, as you can imagine, we love a hard hat.  But we also work in offices, laboratories, offshore vessels, open spaces and working with cutting-edge technology like drones, carbon capture, hydrogen and even the occasional laser. 


Meet an apprentice

“Apprenticeships are important for the future of any industry. They are beneficial to both the employer and the apprentice. Apprenticeships give businesses the opportunity to shape and mould the future of their workforce in alignment with the company’s ethos and core values.  Another benefit is the diversity that is created when young people from a variety of backgrounds are engaged.”

– Cailey Miller, Mechanical Designer

Career pathways

Skills underpin everything we do in engineering construction.  Some you will bring with you, many more you will learn as you continue your career journey.

There are industry entry points for school leavers, graduates and anyone with an interest in being part of something important.  Apprenticeships combine practical training with study. And, as a result, they are increasingly valued by employers. As an apprentice, you will be employed by your company from day one and will combine practical training with study. An apprenticeship in engineering construction pays well and will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel and progress in your career.

Working in partnership with a number of training providers, the ECITB Scholarship Programme offers an excellent opportunity for those aspiring engineers of the future that wish to pursue a career within the Engineering Construction Industry in a craft or technical discipline.

During their studies learners will gain nationally recognised engineering qualifications as well receiving other skills training relevant to their chosen discipline. As we move into a world of new technologies and continue our journey towards Net Zero it’s crucial that we provide the right opportunities to attract and develop a world-leading workforce.

Engineering construction is vitally important, but it needs ever more people to keep the world moving.  Now, more than ever, there is a real need to tackle industry skills shortages and support individuals into employment.

Work Ready is a collaborative and co-funded partnership between colleges, local employers, the ECITB and the Department of Work and Pensions that provides learner with 13 weeks at college, three weeks of work placements involving core engineering trades and a guaranteed job interview at the end.

Upon successful completion of the programme learners will achieve a Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations and employability skills training. They will also receive work-ready skills and ECITB certification.

Meet an ECITB Scholar

Find out more on ECITB Scholarships

An industry for all

Attracting a more diverse range of recruits into engineering construction is a key priority for the ECITB.

There is a clear need to ensure new entrants to engineering construction are better representative of the UK population.

By opening recruitment to a wider, more diverse talent pool, the industry will benefit commercially, culturally and through more innovative problem-solving.

But individuals will benefit too from being part of a progressive industry that is contributing to the energy transition in a vital way.

Positive change is important.  And the ECITB recognises that change is more meaningful and achieved with more impact in collaboration with subject matter experts, dedicated advocates, and cultural change-makers.

Learn more about our work in Diversity and Inclusion

Meet a Graduate 


ECITB qualifications

The ECITB has a recognised Awarding Organisation (AO) for engineering construction qualifications. These are delivered and assessed through our network of approved centres across a range of craft and technical, as well as supervisory, management and professional disciplines.


T Levels are a new and exciting alternative to A levels, apprenticeships and other 16 to 19 courses. Equivalent in size to 3 A levels, a T Level focuses on vocational skills and can help students into skilled employment, higher study or apprenticeships.

Each T Level includes an in-depth industry placement that lasts at least 45 days. Students get valuable experience in the workplace; employers get early sight of the new talent in their industry.

T Level students spend 80% of the course in their learning environment, gaining the skills that employers need. The other 20% is a meaningful industry placement, where they put these skills into action.

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Useful links on engineering careers

A careers resource led by the engineering community for young people aged between 9 – 16, their teachers and parents.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers Code

The Code is intended to help us make fundamental changes to ensure engineering careers are more accessible for this generation of young people. The Code asks signatories to commit to improving the quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities designed to inspire young people and to build and share understanding of how to do so. Nearly 80 organisations have already signed up and pledged to improve the quality, inclusivity, targeting and reach of activities designed to inspire young people. The ECITB is a proud Supporter.

Visit the website to find out how you can become a Signatory or a Supporter of The Code.

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This is Engineering is a campaign to bring engineering to life for young people, and give more people the opportunity to pursue a career that is rewarding, future-shaping, varied, well-paid and in-demand.

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AFBE-UK promotes higher achievements in education and engineering particularly among people from black and minority ethnicity (BME) backgrounds.

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Wise works to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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The National College for Nuclear (NCfN) is a partnership between industry, national regulators, skills bodies and training providers to develop rounded and capable young professionals who have the skills and behaviours needed to deliver the UK’s nuclear challenges.

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Driving change so more young people choose engineering and technology careers

Our vision is that the UK has the diverse workforce needed for engineering and technology to thrive and to drive economic prosperity, improve sustainability and achieve net zero.

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The ECITB is partnering with the Careers and Enterprise Company to help schools and colleges shape futures

Volunteer as an Enterprise Adviser (EA) and partner with a secondary school or college to support them in the development and implementation of their careers strategy, ensuring all students are prepared and inspired for the fast-changing world of work. Working with the Careers Leader and wider senior leaders of the school or college, EAs help to build connections between employers and education to improve young people’s career prospects.

Enterprise Advisers provide valuable employer perspective to the Careers Leaders, as well as supporting the integration of careers in the school or college’s wider curriculum, putting opportunities with local employers at the heart of a young person’s education. Supporting young people who want to understand and enter our sector is now more important than ever.

Be part of this positive change and help shape young people’s futures.

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