How to become an ECITB Approved Training Provider

The ECITB approves training providers to deliver training and assessment for more than 80,000 learners each year.

There are currently more than 200 Approved Training Providers in the UK and internationally.

Training providers are licensed by the ECITB to deliver:

  • CCNSG Safety Passport Scheme
  • International Health and Safety Passport Scheme
  • Training Standards
  • Technical Tests
  • Management and Professional Training Programmes

Initially, we ask that you contact our team via to express your interest.

From there, a team member will be in touch to make sure you meet the ECITB’s Approved Training Provider criteria, and then explain the application process and associated licence fees.

Once you have discussed your application and we are satisfied you meet our provisional criteria for the relevant product, you will receive an application pack. The application pack contains:

  • Approved Provider and Contractor Finance and Legal Information Questionnaire
  • Approved Provider Application Form (PAM008)
  • Register as an ECITB Approved Trainer/Tester Application Form (PAM009)

The completed forms must be returned to our Provider Account Management team with the required supporting documentation for the application process to begin. The ECITB will review the application material and, after the due diligence stage is completed, an approval visit will be arranged with you.

The approval visit will consist of an audit of your insurances, polices and processes, resources and facilities. Upon the successful completion of the approval visit you will be offered a licence agreement.