The ACE Card

The ACE scheme is an engineering construction industry safety card that ensures the competence of workers in the UK.

ACE stands for ‘Assuring Competence in Engineering’. Cardholders will have received both health and safety training and a qualification in a specific occupational skill that is recognised by the ECITB. Skills are validated against National Occupational Standards.

The safety card is awarded as a combined CCNSG/ACE Card.

To be eligible, you must have an ECITB vocational qualification and you must hold a valid CCNSG Safety Passport (Please note that no other safety cards will be accepted to achieve an ACE card).

More information on National Occupational Standards and vocational qualifications is on our engineering qualifications page.

Read more on the CCNSG Safety Passport

ACE cards are automatically generated from the ECITB’s Membership Services Portal (MSP) when individuals meet the criteria – there is no application process.

The ACE card is automatically renewed by the MSP when the holder renews their CCNSG Safety Passport.

To renew your ACE card you will require a valid CCNSG Safety Passport, please contact a local CCNSG training provider to book a place on a course.

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If you have lost your ACE Card, please contact the ECITB at to get a replacement