ECITB Innov8 Group – Tomorrow’s Leaders Shaping Tomorrow’s Industry

The ECITB is the authority on engineering construction skills. Along with the education sector, government and employers, we help the workforce undertake training and development activities to build a sustainable industry able to meet future challenges and opportunities.

As part of our pledge to help industry meet workforce demand and skills requirements, the ECITB has assembled the Innov8 Group. The Innov8 Group, which references the eight sectors of the Engineering Construction Industry, is comprised of individuals from within industry that are in the early stages of their career journey.

By listening to fresh views on engineering construction careers, the ECITB can help our industry attract a new generation of engaged, diverse and dynamic engineers to enable UK industry to continue to compete globally.

This group of future industry leaders meet periodically throughout the year, predominantly through a virtual environment to maximise opportunity whilst also reducing impact on work schedules and carbon footprint.

The ECITB Innov8 group are tasked with activities and discussion relating to the following key areas of strategic focus:

  • Insight
  • Attraction & Retention
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Advocacy
  • Future Proofing

Benefits for group members

  • The group will also have access to the ECITB Board and will collaborate regularly with the Executive team. This will provide group members with exclusive access to senior industry figures as well as unparalleled exposure to leadership and decision-making challenges.

Key benefits include:

  • Increased individual knowledge of industry technologies, sectors and organisations.
  • A unique opportunity to expand their professional networks across industry.
  • New experiences in leadership, organisation, communication and quality management.
  • Increased knowledge of industry training, sectors and organisations.
  • Opportunities to attend professional training.

The Innov8 Group will assist the ECITB to increase the effectiveness of its engagement with industry and play an integral part in shaping the future of industry training and development.

Current Projects

  • Researching the provision of ED&I training as well as the wider ED&I development landscape within wider industry.
  • Members of the group are managing the final week of the ECITBs inaugural ED&I campaign. The focus of this week in the campaign is Inclusion.  Please follow our social media channels for more information.

Contact Us

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