Find an Approved Training Provider or Approved Centre by postcode, region or course

Find a provider or centre near you using the search box to enter the type of training (e.g. ‘small bore tubing’) and your postcode to find the nearest ECITB-approved training providers in your area.  Simply put in your postcode and distance for travel.

Results show the licences that ECITB-approved UK Approved Training Providers and Approved Centres hold to deliver either courses, tests, qualifications and/or CCNSG safety passport.

To see a map of all training centres offering ECITB courses, tests and qualifications view map of all training providers and approved centres.

Find an International Training Provider

ECITB Global delivers the ECITB’s internationally-recognised training, tests and qualifications worldwide . To find  out more about our international products and services and our approved network of training providers visit