The ECITB Learning Experience Platform | ECITB LXP

As experts in skills and training, the ECITB has developed a comprehensive learning solution specifically for the engineering construction industry (ECI).

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is an online digital learning platform and provides free-to-access online learning for all levy-paying employers from recognised e-learning providers such as IAM Learning, IHasco and Litmos.

The LXP: meeting the needs of all ECI employers

Employers who do not have the capacity to manage their own online learning system can simply join the ECITB Learn Academy to access the course content.  This gives you access to more than 20,000 courses for as many of your employees as you would like to benefit from this.

Those who have the administrative resources can create their own online learning environment with a branded Employer Owned Academy (EOA). This reduces duplication and cost by using the ECITB industry-tested platform and courses with the look and feel of your own corporate environment.

And for employers with an established Learning Management System (LMS) or LXP, e-learning files can be transferred via Content File Transfer (CFT) to their learning systems.

Why join the ECITB LXP?

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider joining our platform:

  • It is free to all ECITB levy-paying employers.  
  • There are more than 20,000 curated courses that you can access on the ECITB LXP ensuring that, whatever your training requirements, there will be courses that meet the needs of your business.
  • A personalised learning experience: Our LXP uses advanced technology to create a personalised learning experience for each user. Our platform takes into account skill level, learning preferences and interests to provide a customised learning path that is tailored to your organisational and employee needs.
    ECITB Learn example

    An example of the ECITB Learn platform

  • Access to a wide range of learning resources: We offer a vast library of high-quality learning resources, from some of the world-leading online learning producers. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills or stay up-to-date on industry trends, we have everything you need – from e-learning packages to video courses, webinars and podcasts to e-books – and more.
  • Flexibility and convenience: You can learn on your own schedule and at your own pace. The ECITB LXP is accessible from any device, so you can learn wherever and whenever you want.
  • Measurable results: The ECITB LXP provides analytics and reporting tools that enable you to track progress and measure the impact of learning that is being undertaken by your employees. You’ll be able to see how much they have learned and how their skills have improved.
  • Mandate with ease: we can help you deploy mandated online training to your workforce, to ensure your employees are always up to date with your company policies.
  • We can white label a solution for your company: If you have the people and resources to look after your own academy, we could build an academy for you in your brand. Ask your account manager for more information.

Speak to your account manager about joining our LXP platform and start your journey towards a blended learning future.

LXP hits 10,000 course completions in first year

“The LXP is a beneficial tool to our company for training and development of our site-based teams, who are able to undertake the courses independently online. The Applus LXP is now administered in-house with the excellent support of the ECITB.”

Mandy Weir, Training Co-ordinator at Applus+ UK

“Such an initiative is typically expected from larger organisations. The sophistication of our onboarding process, facilitated by this platform, leaves new employees impressed with its polished and professional approach. It has led to increased employee engagement and timely completion of training by more team members.”

Steven Morton, QHSE Manager at A & L Mechanical