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The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) has launched an online course aimed at enhancing the engineering construction industry’s (ECI) readiness for net zero.

The e-learning course, titled ‘Introduction to Decarbonising Engineering Construction’, offers a foundational understanding of the basics of climate change, personal and organisational carbon footprints and summarises key actions and efforts in the ECI to reach net zero.

From global emission sources and environmental impacts, as well as global and UK policies, the course emphasises individual and employer steps towards sustainability, providing insight into reducing carbon footprints in engineering construction sectors.

ECITB Chief Executive Andrew Hockey said: “As the skills organisation for the ECI in Great Britain, our vision is a trailblazing industry where critical infrastructure, energy security and net-zero ambitions are achieved.

“One of the pillars of our Leading Industry Learning Strategy is about supporting an industry in transition and preparing the workforce for net zero.

“As part of our commitment to invest in net zero skills training, creating this new course will ensure workers in the industry get the knowledge and awareness they need for the energy transition in the context of engineering construction.”

Insights delivered on net zero

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Insights delivered on net zero

Ahead of launching the Introduction to Decarbonising Engineering Construction course, feedback was gathered from industry ‘testers’ including Hearne Group, NRS Dounreay, Magnox, Global Resources and Claxton.

The ECI-relevant e-learning course delivers the content in bitesize chunks such as videos, interactive maps and graphics, additional reading, relevant web links and quizzes at the end of each module.

As well as gaining a better understanding on the relevance of climate change to the industry and insights into initiatives targeting emission reductions, learners will come away with ten key actions towards decarbonisation.

Learners will also have the opportunity for self-discovery, as a downloadable journal gives the user impetus to self-reflect on the actions they can adopt inside and outside of their professional sphere.

Pictured: How the new e-learning net zero course looks

ECITB Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

The decarbonisation programme will be the first ECITB-built original course on the organisation’s e-learning portal, the Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Launched at the start of 2023, until now the LXP provided online learning from recognised e-learning providers for all ECITB-registered engineering construction employers.

The LXP, which is accessible from any device, provides access to a wide range of learning resources, such as e-learning packages, video courses, webinars, podcasts and e-books, and allows people to learn at their own pace.

In total, 10,089 courses were completed by 6,148 different users on the online learning platform in its first year. The platform has enjoyed continued growth at the start of 2024, achieving more than 15,000 course completions inside the first six months.

Find out how to access the LXP and our new net zero course

Find out how the ECITB is supporting net zero and the energy transition


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