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Engineering Qualifications

Engineering qualifications are a good way to acquire the vocational skills and knowledge required for careers in the engineering construction industry.

Engineering qualifications offer practical learning programmes in vocational subjects developed with employers to national industry standards. Importantly, they are nationally recognised and accredited. Candidates prove their competence by demonstrating the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a particular role.

Engineering qualifications enable learners to acquire the specific vocational skills, knowledge and behaviours to perform a particular role as set out by the national occupational standards (NOS). By working with industry, ECITB engineering qualifications are valued by employers because they offer development opportunities to staff across a wide range of engineering construction roles. In addition, because vocational qualifications allow for a variety of assessment methods they offer candidates flexibility in how they achieve their qualification. ECITB Approved Centres are quality assured in their delivery of ECITB qualifications to ensure quality and standards are maintained.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify standards of performance that individuals are expected to achieve in their chosen occupational discipline, and include statements of skills, knowledge and behaviours required for a person to be able to undertake a job role effectively in that field of work. They are valuable tools as benchmarks for engineering qualifications because they are developed in conjunction with industry employers’ and other key stakeholders, and kept up to date and relevant.

The ECITB offers a wide range of engineering qualifications in Craft and Technical and Professional disciplines.
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Candidates must be registered on the qualification with an ECITB Approved Centre before undertaking any assessment. The types of assessment will vary depending on the qualification undertaken.

Competence qualifications require a candidate to be observed by an Approved Centre Assessor. This is normally done in a candidate’s ‘live workplace’ environment but a number of qualifications also allow for this in an approved simulated environment.

ECITB online knowledge tests are mandated in a number of qualifications and consist of a combination of multiple choice and short written questions and answers delivered in an invigilated environment.

Assessment may also consist of both timed assignments and/or practical tests delivered in an invigilated environment.

Technical discussions also take place between a candidate and an Assessor for competence qualifications. ECITB qualifications are designed to consider fair access to assessment and adhere to equal opportunities legislation. Please refer to our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy.

Click here for the ECITB Assessment Strategy, which is relevant to all SCQF (Scotland) qualifications.

For all subsequent qualifications developed for the RQF (England) the assessment strategy can be found within the qualification documentation available to Approved Centres.

Some candidates may only require official validation of existing skills, knowledge and behaviours through assessment with an ECITB Approved Centre. Other candidates may require training at an ECITB Approved Centre before they are ready to undergo assessment for an ECITB qualification. This training is for either apprentices or new entrants to the industry and candidates will normally be assessed for the qualification by an ECITB-approved assessor who has not been directly associated with their training. Knowledge qualifications, delivered as part of an approved or recognised training programme, may be marked by the assessor/tutor if the Awarding Organisation rules allow. Both are subject to internal quality assurance by a separate member of the Approved Centre staff and external quality assurance by the ECITB Awarding Organisation.
Only ECITB Approved Centres can deliver assessment for any ECITB qualification.

Regulated qualifications – sometimes called accredited qualifications – are recognised, reviewed and monitored by regulatory bodies in order to ensure they meet specific criteria and quality standards.

The ECITB offers a number of regulated vocational competence and knowledge based qualifications across England and Scotland.

Each nation has its own qualifications regulator and the ECITB is a recognised Awarding Organisation with the following regulatory bodies:
• England – The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual);
• Scotland – SQA Accreditation

ECITB Approved Centres

Approved Centres are organisations approved by the ECITB to assess its qualifications. The ECITB approves and quality assures all its Centres to ensure they have qualified staff and sufficient resources to undertake effective delivery and assessment of the qualification, and adhere to all ECITB and regulatory requirements.

For a full list of ECITB Approved Centres that deliver VQs use our find a provider tool.

To be able to deliver our qualifications you will first need be approved by the ECITB Awarding Organisation.

In the first instance you will need to register an Expression of Interest, submit a Finance and Legal questionnaire, and pass the necessary checks to ensure your organisation or partnership is suitable to be an ECITB Approved Centre. Download an Expression of Interest Form here.

If successful, you will then be asked to submit an ECITB Approved Centre Application Form. The ECITB Awarding Organisation will undertake a number of checks, which may include a visit to your premises. Finally, you must successfully host an assessment team induction day before you are able to register any candidates on ECITB qualifications.

Further information on how to apply to be an Approved Centre can be found in our Approval Procedure for VQ Approved Centre Status which can be downloaded here, please contact if you require any additional information or support.

The ECITB approves and quality assures all its Approved Centres via external monitoring to ensure they have qualified staff and sufficient resources to undertake effective assessment, and adhere to all ECITB and regulatory requirements.

Please click here to see ECITB Policies and Procedures.

The ECITB Awarding Organisation publishes its fees to its Approved Centres and all ECITB fees are charged directly to its Approved Centres. An ECITB Approved Centre will incorporate these fees in any charges it makes to its customers, and the ECITB advises all customers to discuss these directly with the Approved Centre for services offered. Most Approved Centres will provide a bespoke quotation based on  candidate requirements and the type of assessments utilised, including any training provision required.

For a full list of fees please click here

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