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CCNSG Safety Passport

The engineering construction industry safety card

The CCNSG Safety Passport is the nationally recognised safety card for the UK engineering construction industry.

It has delivered the best safety accreditation for more than 30 years. We’ve issued more than one million cards and now have 80 Approved Training Providers delivering the training in the UK.

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It is also globally recognised with 46 International Licenced Training Providers delivering international versions of the course in 19 countries.

For the International Health and Safety Passport, visit our Global site.

CCNSG turns 30

CCNSG meeting the needs of industry

Since it was launched in 1993, the CCNSG has evolved to meet the needs of industry.

Originally the course was called SCATS, not CCNSG. It was created in Pembrokeshire so that all of the local Pembrokeshire businesses who used the same contractors could reduce their induction time.

The course worked so well that businesses in Newcastle and Merseyside also wanted to adopt it. There was concern that this would result in multiple different schemes across the country with no standardisation. So the original author approached the national awarding bodies to see if they would take the course and run it as a national scheme.

That is when the ECITB got involved and launched it as the CCNSG. It has led industry safety for the following 30 years. This classroom-based two-day course provides workers with enhanced health and safety awareness and knowledge through quality-assured training.

More information on the CCNSG Safety Passport and course content

Hear the views of employers, clients, unions, training providers and learners on how the CCNSG Safety Passport has been leading industry safety for more than 30 years, what makes it unique and why it remains the go-to safety card for the engineering construction industry.

Why leading union has backed CCNSG from the start

A valid CCNSG Safety Passport is often a pre-requisite for workers to enter many engineering and construction sites.


Renewing your CCNSG Safety Passport

Delegates must renew their safety passport before the expiry date.  You can attend a one-day refresher (The CCNSG Renewal Course) or opt for the test-only route.  Find out more on renewing your CCNSG or Find a training or test provider for renewal

Five tips for renewing your CCNSG Safety Passport

CCNSG Leading a Team Safely (LaTS) course

The CCNSG Leading a Team Safely is a one-day workshop that covers health and safety management within small teams.  The course focuses on the essentials of leadership such as planning, implementing and reviewing, with a natural emphasis on health and safety.

LaTS is aimed at supervisory staff who have responsibility for teams, but who may have had little or no training in health and safety responsibilities or in the essentials of leadership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CCNSG stands for the Client Contractor National Safety Group.

The CCNSG Safety Passport is a two-day training course. After sitting a test at the end of the course, successful candidates can then access engineering construction sites. In contrast, the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test is for construction sites and issued by the CITB.

The short answer is yes, you need a CCNSG Safety Passport. CCNSG is the engineering construction industry safety card. To clarify, the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) Card is for the construction industry, which has different health and safety requirements to the engineering construction industry. However, individual site operators will specify the requirements to work on their sites.

From the 1st April 2022, the CCNSG Safety Passport expires after three years from the date of the national or renewal course. Candidates must take the online renewal test within the safety passport expiry date.

Delegates must renew their card within the expiry date otherwise candidates will be required to sit the two-day national course again.

CCNSG Renewal cards are valid for 3 years from the date of expiry of the original card (so that renewing early doesn’t mean they lose validity).

For delegates who wish to plan their attendance in advance of their renewal date, a CCNSG renewal course can be taken up to 6 months prior to the official expiry date. CCNSG cards renewed within the expiry period will be issued to a date 3 years on from the official registered expiry date on the current card.

Unfortunately not, the ECITB does not offer grants for the CCNSG Safety Passport. However, your employer or local job centre may be able to assist you with costs.

The CCNSG courses (national, renewal & leading a team safely) can only be run by approved licensed CCNSG training providers. To find approved licensed CCNSG training providers near you, please use the ECITB’s Find A Training Provider tool.

Individuals must contact the training provider with whom they successfully completed the CCNSG Safety Passport course. If they no longer deliver this training please contact ECITB directly.

To find CCNSG-approved training providers click here.

To deliver the CCNSG Safety Passport you will first need to become an Approved Training Provider. Click here for more information.
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