Apprenticeships & Careers

Engineering construction as an industry is at the heart of the economy and provides the vital underpinning of national infrastructure.

Without engineering construction we would have no heat to warm our homes, clean water to drink or petrol to fill our cars. It is the people who work in the engineering construction industry that make this possible. They are responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of process plants and the production of oil, gas, water and food, and power generation.

As a project based industry, engineering construction offers many exciting career opportunities and an ECITB Apprenticeship is a great way to start. This is a foundation for an exciting and well paid career with really great prospects. There are plenty of opportunities and completing an apprenticeship qualifies you for work on truly amazing projects like the 2012 Olympic sports facilities and stadia, major power plant developments and other exciting projects.

And if an international career appeals, then there is no better industry. Thousands of UK trained personnel work in engineering construction all over the world.

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