Supervisory Personal & Leadership skills

Effective supervision, chargehand, personal and leadership skills are integral to the successful running of engineering construction projects. With this in mind, the ECITB has worked with engineering construction companies across the UK to develop a range of courses that are ideal for developing Chargehand/Team leaders and Supervisors/Lead Engineers.

These courses provide tools and techniques and training that can result in increased confidence, increased effectiveness and ultimately increased respect in the workplace for those working in these positions.

UK-based ATPs that are licensed to deliver ECITB’s supervisory and soft skills courses are:

ACTTnow, Gen2, Rewards Training, and STC Global.

Several engineering construction companies are also licensed to delivery this training within their own companies and these are: Doosan Babcock, Jacobs Field Services and Wright Brothers.

The Chargehand Development course is designed for new and experienced Chargehands and other team leaders with little or no previous training. Those with temporary Chargehand duties (e.g. during periods of shutdown/outages) will also benefit. There are no prerequisites for individuals to attend this course.

At the end of this interactive training, delegates should be more knowledgeable and skilful in communicating effectively, managing performance and engaging with people -resulting in more effective and safer working on-site. For more information click here.

Supervisor Training is one of the most consistently in-demand ECITB products for the last 15 years. Thanks to the work by some of our providers it was the first ECITB programme to be offered through a virtual classroom during lockdown in 2020, with over 200 virtual delegate attendances on the modules in place at that time. It has been updated several times during its life, and a further update was completed during 2020. The content and delivery have been refreshed to include more current behavioural content, and the new programmes are designed to work more effectively in a virtual classroom environment. The new programme has been developed as 3 modules by focussing on the most important areas (as perceived by employers) in the current programme and has the theme of ‘Giving Supervisors the Edge’.

The 3 modules are:

  • Module 1 – Taking the lead (3 days)
  • Module 2 – Achieving Performance (2 days)
  • Module 3 – Sustaining Success (2 days)

The aim of this course is to equip individuals with tools and techniques to more effectively communicate briefings and propositions designed to persuade and win the support of the audience. They should have increased confidence in presenting in a way to inspire and motivate – reinforcing the feelings of the audience and generating enthusiasm, boosting morale and encouraging positive attitudes.

This is an interactive, face to face 2-day course, with an on-course assessed presentation.

This course is ideal for existing or soon to be Managers/Supervisors for whom developing coaching skills is a valuable addition to their management skills toolkit – giving them confidence coach their staff as and when required. This is an interactive course, that provides the opportunity in a safe and structured learning environment to practice coaching skills and receive feedback. Active participation is a critical element of this course – additional knowledge and theory provided in the delegate guidance notes

On completing this course the delegates will understand:

  • different applications of coaching and recognise where coaching is appropriate
  • the coaching process and acceptable coaching models
  • how and when they are already coaching.
  • and be able to use a range of coaching skills e.g. questioning, listening and rapport building

They will have the tools and techniques to: prepare, deliver and evaluate coaching sessions; build their managerial skills through coaching and; create a personal action plan to continue developing their coaching skills in the workplace

Due to the specialist nature of this course, only specific licensed providers have the experience to delivery this course.

This two-day training course is for site managers, supervisors and employee representatives working on engineering construction projects using the National Agreement anywhere in the UK. A key element of the roles of both groups is to manage employee relations so that contracts are completed on time and to budget. The National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) is a vital part of the framework which enables all parties to work together to achieve success.

The overall aim of this training is to ensure that all participants can make an effective contribution to the success of the projects in which they are involved. The intention is to help them to understand the provisions of the NAECI and to encourage them to demonstrate positive leadership qualities when applying these.

The course will normally be delivered during the initial stages of specific contracts, a time when team relationships and styles of working are evolving.