Suitable for new, existing and experienced workers

Industry-agreed training and testing that meets regulatory requirements

Independent verification of technical competence in SBT from ECITB

Prevent personal injury and environmental damage from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon releases

Approved courses from providers

Assemble and install small bore tubing with twin ferrule mechanical grip fittings

SBT 01

Training in the knowledge and practical skills required for undertaking operations on SBT assemblies and systems using twin ferrule, mechanical grip fittings across all industries. Includes a knowledge test and a number of practical exercises. Ideal for those new to working with SBT assemblies.

2 days

Assemble and install small bore tubing with cone & threaded medium and high pressure module

SBT 02

Learn to assemble and install SBT with cone and threaded medium and high-pressure module. This training course can only be completed by learners who have already completed the initial ECITB approved training course in SBT (SBT01) or who has a valid ECITB technical test certificate for TSBT01.

1 day

Assemble and install small bore tubing with cone & threaded medium and high pressure

SBT 03

This two day cone and threaded medium and high pressure course is aimed at learners with no previous SBT training.

2 days

Hydrotest small bore tubing assemblies

SBT 04

On completing this two day course, operatives will be able to hydrotest SBT assemblies.

2 days

Technical tests

Small Bore Tubing tests

There are four SBT tests, that verify technical competence. Each has a knowledge and practical element that test safely undertaking SBT assembly activities to specification including assembling and installing twin ferrule, cone and threaded assemblies, disassembly, fault and defect identification and reinstallation and hydrostatic pressure testing.
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