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ECITB approved provider training for upskilling riggers and for APML

ECITB approved provider training for upskilling riggers

ECITB scholarships are available for those interested in rigging

Approved courses from providers

Reskill rigger

This five week intensive training programme, based on a series of ECITB training standards, is designed for existing operatives who have experience of rigging in engineering construction but who lack the formal training to back up their occupational knowledge.
The training is 80% practical training and 20% knowledge training and will include all relevant offshore health and safety practices.
5 weeks

Appointed persons moving loads (4 stage model)


A training course in how to manage and plan lifts and moving load operations safely and effectively on engineering construction sites. The training includes relevant legislation, the activities of an appointed person, calculating forces and practical activities for planning and performing rigging.

4 days

Technical tests

APML (4 stage model)

TAP 01

This test verifies the candidate’s ability to support a complex rigging operation to regulations and requirements by:

  • generating a lift plan including calculations
  • undertaking a risk assessment
  • providing a toolbox talk
  • execution of a lift

Connected Competence is available for those working in rigging.

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Rigging / moving loads

This test verifies the candidate’s ability to correctly select equipment and lifting accessories then safely sling, lift and move an unequally weighted load through a restricted access to an identified location, to specification and regulations.
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Steel erecting

TER 02 TER 03 TER 04

These tests verify the candidate’s ability to safely and correctly to industry regulations and procedures:

  • lift and move an identified item
  • rig, lift, position, assemble and align a steelwork structure
  • erect a stair assembly and pre-formed plate flooring components
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Connected Competence

Rigging and appointed person rigging tests are available under Connected Competence. Through industry-recognised, standardised testing, Connected Competence assures an ongoing base level of technical competence for workers across the engineering construction industry (ECI) to create a safer, more competent and transferable workforce.

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