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Reskill pipefitter

This 6 week intensive training programme based on a series of ECITB training standards, is designed for existing operatives who have experience of pipefitting in engineering construction but who lack the formal training to back up their occupational knowledge.
The training is 80% practical training and 20% knowledge training and will include all relevant offshore health and safety practices.
6 weeks

Technical tests

Non-critical welding pipe and plate

This series of tests confirm the candidate can safely prepare, set up and weld a low carbon steel pipe joint or a plate joint in line with a given weld procedure specification to pass the visual inspection:
  • non-critical welding pipe tests: butt welds using MIG, MMA and TIG welding
  • non-critical welding plate tests: 1G and 2G butt welds and 1F and 2F single-sided fillet welds using MIG, MMA and TIG plate welding and in FCAW thick plate welding (3G single V butt weld)
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KT PF TPF 01 - TPF 12

These tests provide independent verification of the pipefitter’s technical skill to interpret drawing specifications and then prepare, fabricate and assemble pipework use hand and power tools for:

  • setting and marking out
  • developing patterns
  • preparing pipe ends using portable edge preparation
  • bending pipes
  • hotwork preparation of welded pipework
  • non-metallic pipework, small bore non-ferrous pipework, GRP pipework, pipework supports, and pipework systems
  • undertake hydrostatic pressure testing of pipework systems
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Welding preparation pipe and plate

TTIG 01 - TIG 06 TMIG 01 - MIG 05 TFCAW 01 - FCAW 03 TMMA 01 - MMA 09

This series of tests confirm the candidate can safely and correctly prepare and set up a variety of butt joints in different pipe and plate materials (carbon and low alloy, stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloy, aluminium) ready for the selected welding process to the welder approved standards (in BS EN 287):

  • Welding pipe preparation: 12 individual tests for a variety of different pipe materials and incline positions in preparation to use different welding techniques.
  • Welding plate preparation: 14 individual tests for a variety of different plate materials in preparation to use different welding techniques
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Connected Competence

Pipefitting tests are available under Connected Competence. Through industry-recognised, standardised testing, Connected Competence assures an ongoing base level of technical competence for workers across the engineering construction industry (ECI) to create a safer, more competent and transferable workforce.

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