Comprehensive supervisor training to give supervisors the edge and achieve a silver card

Training prepares site-based teams to work safely

Courses for seasoned supervisors, those moving into supervision or looking to refresh their knowledge and skills

Specialist courses on National Agreement for Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) industrial relations

ECITB training courses

Supervisor training (modules 1 - 4)

Having good supervisors is essential for effective delivery on site.
The ECITB Supervisor training has four modules that together provide practical knowledge and skills for those moving into supervision or for those looking to refresh their knowledge and skills. Those who complete all 4 modules of this supervision programme can apply for the ECITB’s silver card for supervision. The modules can be completed in any order.
Module 1: taking the lead (3 days)
Manage self, others and resources. Using effective communication to enhance leadership, delegating effectively, motivating others, empathising and ensuring inclusiveness.
Module 2: achieving performance (2 days)
Use a range of performance management techniques and team development to deal effectively with change management, human factors and unplanned events.
Module 3: sustaining success (2 days)
Use a range of practical tools to lead a team including task planning, project delivery and budgeting. Plus project planning and contracting and ensuring quality in delivery.
Module 4: supervising for effective on-site safety (2 days)
Prepare a site-based work team to work safely through activity briefings, leading and monitoring the team and individuals. It also provides tools for risk assessment and control measures for hazardous working environments and simultaneous operations.
9 days


This two day training course enables participants to be more knowledgeable and skilled in communicating effectively, managing performance and engaging with people – resulting in more effective, safer working on site.
The training is for new and experienced chargehands with little or no previous training and includes learning the main differences between being a team member and a team leader: ‘What do I have to do?’ and ‘What do I need to be?’ in the new role.
2 days

Coaching skills

This one day course enables participants to be able to facilitate a person’s development to make them effective in their position or help them towards a promotion. Prior knowledge of coaching is not assumed or required. An interactive course, it provides the opportunity in a safe and structured environment to practice coaching skills and receive feedback.

1 day

National Agreement for Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI) industrial relations

This two day course teaches the requirements of working on engineering construction projects using the National Agreement for ECI, including managing employee relations so that contracts are completed on time and to budget. NAECI enables all parties to work together to achieve success.
This course is best taken during the initial stages of specific contracts when team relationships and styles of working are evolving.
2 days

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