The ECITB has sought out providers who support online learning to allow vital skills training to continue during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Chris Claydon – ECITB CEO

With social distancing restrictions having a severe impact on every aspect of our lives, the ECITB has highlighted some online learning and webinars that are available to help support crisis management training.

Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive, said: “These are unprecedented times that require new skills and ways of working to be adopted immediately. Here we have a selection of online courses and learning resources that we think can help you to adjust to and make the most of this transformation to our working lives.”

Online crisis management training:

To obtain grant support to participate or to find out about other online courses, please contact your account manager.

If any of these are of interest but you are not able to register, please let your account manager know. If there is sufficient demand from our in-scope employers we will seek to arrange an ECITB-specific session.

Other resources:

ECITB Approved Training Provider, Kingsfield Academy, has made the recording of their recent webinar on Force Majeure and Covid—19 available to all HERE

The Chartered Management Institute has an online portal of useful information about Leading in the Covid-19 crisis, with some content available to non-members as well as members HERE

Cranfield School of Management has created a Knowledge Hub in response to Covid-19 with a wealth of leadership articles, podcasts and videos, available HERE

This is the third article in a series highlighting available online courses with previous articles covering technical training and remote working.

Next week we will focus on ways to continue with Soft Skill Training Online.