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Project Controls Programmes

Managers in the engineering construction industry know the critical importance of planning and project controls to the success of projects. Industry and ECITB are collaborating through an industry-led Project Controls Working Group to develop training courses and standards that can be used to enhance skills - see below.

Introduction to Project Controls

This course is aimed at those who require an introduction to the role of the Project Controller or Project Practitioners with little or no formal training in the subject of Project Controls or Project Management. This course provides a comprehensive and detailed insight into the fundamentals of Project Controls including planning, estimating and cost engineering. It is equally applicable to either onshore or offshore environments.

Audience: New to project controls or no formal training Duration: 4 days

Estimating Methodology & practice

The course has been designed to provide an overview of the principles and practices of estimating and how the role is linked to all activities company wide. The breadth of skills and knowledge extend to a range of interpersonal skills as well as the technical abilities associated with preparing an estimate. Learning outcomes include; preparing a cash flow for the design, procure, and construct phases of a project; operate an estimate documentation and version control system; and understand the principles involved in the use of capital and operating cost estimates together with revenue estimation to carry out economic evaluation using net present value and other methods.

Audience: New to estimating and current practitioners Duration: 3 days

Managing Risk as Part of a Team

This introductory one day workshop is designed for anyone who works in or with a project team who need to develop their understanding of risk management. The course introduces delegates to risk terminology, the risk management process, the practical implementation of a risk management plan, and the tools and techniques commonly used in best practice project management.

Audience: New to project controls and project team members Duration: 1 day

Project Document Managers' Course

The management of documents is at the centre of every project. Document management processes are different on every project due to the need to integrate the document management requirements of client, contractor and major vendors/subcontractors. This training focuses on the principles underlying the function in order for it to be transferable across companies. The course covers four main areas; Setting the Scene, Understanding the Requirements, Setting up Project Processes and Leading the Document Management Function.

Audience: Experienced document controllers Duration: 2 days

ECITB Certificate in Project Controls 

The ECITB Certificate in Project Controls is a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of project controls. Learners are taught through a blend of classroom workshops, assessments and case study work. The programme takes the learners through: an introduction to projects; appreciation of project management and project control; project initiation, risk and change; estimating and scope definition; procurement and document control; planning and scheduling; cost control and monitoring and; project control and jobsite management.

The training is spread over 8 modules – each includes a ‘classroom’ workshop, supported with on-line learning that contains the core learning material and assessments. A simulated industrial case study runs throughout the training.

On completion the learners bring together all the assignments they have completed to create the final outcome of the course – a Project Execution Plan (PEP). This final PEP is presented to employers at the end of the project.

Audience: New to project controls or control functions Duration: 9 months

ECITB Apprenticeship in Project Controls

Project Controls apprentices will be required to undergo a period of college/training provider-based training. During the first year apprentices are trained in all fundamental aspects of Project Controls. In addition, apprentices will be trained in the principles of engineering construction, craft skills, including measuring and marking out, welding, fabrication and assembly of pipework systems, mechanical assembly, electrical wiring and slinging and lifting.

In the second, third and final year of the apprenticeship, further experience in project control processes will be gained in the setting of an engineering construction company’s head office with visits on-site.

Vocational Qualifications

Nationally recognised RCF diploma that gives evidence of your competence and knowledge. Developed jointly with companies, this vocational qualification tests an employee’s performance, application of knowledge and understanding of their occupation in the workplace.

Audience: Newcomers, existing and experienced project controllers Duration: 12 months+

Project Control Careers

TB’s online tool here



The Project Controls Working Group have developed a set of agreed industry training standards to ensure consistent, high quality training which meets their needs.

Companies and approved training providers can use the standards to develop their own bespoke training and be confident that this training will meet industry requirements. Courses developed from the standards can be submitted to ECITB to gain the seal of quality approval for the course. Each training standard links to the existing vocational qualifications and details the training necessary to develop the skills needed from trainee project controller up to competent senior project controller or technical lead (i.e. Lead estimator, lead planner, lead scheduler, lead cost engineer.

Audience: Project controls training managers and Approved training providers

For further information please contact your local account manager.

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