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Diversity and inclusion training in the workplace is integral to operating a sustainable and successful business.

Young engineers of different backgrounds mingle in the workshop.

In acknowledgement, the ECITB has launched two new diversity and inclusion training standards to help employers enjoy the business benefits that result from a diverse talent pool, including a broader range of views and experiences across the workforce, which in turn will increase performance and innovation.

Currently, the engineering construction industry workforce is not representative of the UK population with men making up 9 out of 10 employees and very low levels of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation.

To help attract a more diverse range of recruits to industry jobs, the ECITB has developed two new training standards Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious Bias to help raise awareness across all staff in the engineering, construction and allied industries.

Covering everything from the business case for workplace diversity to techniques to challenge non-inclusive behaviour and unconscious bias in the workplace, the training standards provide the foundation to deliver a comprehensive introductory course under ECITB licence.

The use of these training standards enables employers and training providers to develop their own courses for their audience, with ECITB approval and certification confirming that the courses meet an industry-set standard.  Courses can use a variety of delivery methods including elements of e-learning, virtual classroom, and/or face to face, which may be combined into blended learning.

ECITB Chief Executive Chris Claydon

ECITB Chief Executive Chris Claydon

Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive, said: “The ECITB is committed to helping industry build workplaces where employees can reach their full potential and individual differences are valued and respected.

“I would encourage employers and training providers to take positive steps to support diversity and inclusion in their workplaces by delivering these new courses, which are certified by the ECITB to an industry-set standard.”

The new standards mark the ECITB’s commitment to bring about change across the industry workforce, and were informed by the ECITB’s own Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Action (IDEA) taskforce, created last year. In addition the Government-sponsored skills body has pledged £500,000 of grant support to fund diversity and inclusion training for industry managers and staff over three years. Last year, over 400 learners took part in diversity and inclusion training funded by ECITB grants, including the Engineering a Winning Workforce programme developed by Equal Engineers.

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