The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is launching a diversity and inclusion (D&I) network for stakeholders across the industry.

The network will promote, champion, support and encourage the sharing of good practice in diversity and inclusion across the engineering construction industry.

The network, which will commence in March 2024 and meet on a quarterly basis, will engage with in-scope employers, D&I partner organisations and other key stakeholders to share knowledge and provide a forum for discussion and collaboration.

Championing diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout the ECITB’s Leading Industry Learning Strategy 2023-25 and forms part of our ‘Foundations’ objective which underpins everything the ECITB does.

The ECITB's D&I network will promote diversity and inclusion in the engineering construction industry

We are fully committed to supporting industry in developing inclusive workplaces where all employees can reach their full potential and where individual differences are fully valued and respected. Attracting a more diverse range of recruits into engineering construction is another key priority for the ECITB.

By launching this network, we hope to create a space for industry and subject matter experts to gather regularly and support each other with a focus on key themes related to diversity and inclusion.

Our first network meeting is on 20th March 2024. To join the network, please contact your Account Manager or Michelle Taylor, Careers & Inclusion Manager, at

In his latest blog, ECITB Chief Executive Andrew Hockey talks about D&I being “drivers for change” and how we’re putting D&I “at the heart of everything we do”. Read more here.

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