The ECITB is calling on employers to get involved in helping to shape the future of the Hydrogen Skills Framework and ensure the skills needs of the engineering construction industry (ECI) are represented in this.

The Hydrogen Skills Alliance (HSA), comprising representatives from industry, academia, research, industrial clusters, government, professional and skills bodies, is leading the work to create the UK Hydrogen Skills Framework.  This would identify the skills gaps in the hydrogen industry and develop strategies to bridge these gaps.


Working groups have been created to progress the HSA’s five workstreams:

  • Government Engagement & Alignment
  • Skills Landscape Mapping
  • Hydrogen Skills Framework
  • Workforce Demand Forecasting
  • Skills Foresighting

HSA members, including the ECITB, are engaging with their relevant networks to input into these working groups.

Carol Sinclair

Carol Sinclair
Net Zero Project Manager

Carol Sinclair, Net Zero Project Manager, said: “The framework will identify and look to address training gaps and empower current and future talent in this rapidly growing field.

“We need the insights from company leaders who are involved in all aspects of the hydrogen economy and technology, including production, storage, distribution and usage.

“This would help us to build a comprehensive skills framework for the entire hydrogen value chain, positioning the UK at the forefront of this transformative industry.

“We would particularly welcome those with experience in crucial technologies such as electrolysers and compressors, hydrogen transport, storage logistics and hydrogen fuel systems.”

The ECITB is feeding in the work undertaken to date with employers on Hydrogen Skills Mapping alongside Labour Market Intelligence and linking with engineering construction employers.

Carol added: “Now is the time for employers to get involved. We can only fill these potential skills and workforce gaps by collaborating across the value chain. It is essential we engage our industry experts in this work.

“The ultimate goal is to have measurable impact by providing leadership on workforce and skills issues, ensuring that the hydrogen economy can count on a well-trained, competent and well-prepared workforce as it moves into the future.

“Through collaboration, we can ensure the UK has the right skills at the right time and place to maximise the opportunities that hydrogen brings.”

For further information on how you can shape the future of hydrogen skills please contact Carol Sinclair, Project Manager for Net Zero at the ECITB.

Find out more on ECITB’s initiatives on Skills for Net Zero

About the HSA

The Hydrogen Skills Alliance (HSA) is a UK-wide initiative dedicated to ensuring that industry and stakeholders have access to the appropriate skills needed to accelerate the transition to hydrogen.  

Our mission is to create a bridge between the burgeoning hydrogen economy and its current and future skills needs.

 The HSA aims to gather diverse stakeholders – from commercial and government-sponsored organisations to industrial clusters involved in hydrogen development, production, distribution, and storage.

The objective is to identify and articulate the skills and workforce needs of the industry while acting as a forum to share best practices and inform policy interventions.

Our alliance invites representatives from industry, academia, research, industrial clusters, government, skills bodies, and all those genuinely interested in supporting the UK’s transition to a hydrogen-fueled economy as part of the move to a low-carbon future.

The HSA’s primary tasks include:

  1. Delivering workforce foresighting in priority challenge areas.
  2. Developing the Hydrogen Skills Framework.
  3. Estimating potential industry capacity requirements.
  4. Networking geographically dispersed skills activities in the UK.
  5. Informing and supporting policy development where appropriate.
  6. Embedding Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in all our work and recommendations.