Learners across the home nations are once again able to apply for the popular ECITB Scholarship, the programme which starts in September will prepare new entrants for success in the engineering construction industry.

The ECITB has now approved ten training providers across England, Scotland and Wales, who will prepare the second cohort of Scholars for careers in industry, while the economic recovery continues.

The Scholarship provides a foundation in a range of craft or technical disciplines, ranging from welding to design and draughting, and is informed by regional skills needs to provide a pipeline of talent to industry.

Learners pursue a full-time off-the-job programme over 1 or 2 years and acquire recognised engineering qualifications as well as relevant site safety passports. 

Informal portrait of ECITB Chief Exec, Chris Claydon

Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive

Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive, said: “The Scholarship scheme aims to help employers while they recover from the impact of the pandemic. In the short-term we underwrite the risk of taking on new entrants, and in the long-term we hope to provide a launch pad for many highly successful careers in engineering construction.

“Each regional ECITB Scholarship programme draws on our labour market intelligence to ensure the training is relevant and addresses regional skills shortages.  By taking this approach, the scheme will help ensure there are young people, trained and qualified with in-demand skills, to provide a pipeline of new talent for industry when the economy rebounds.”

The ECITB Scholarships Programme

ECITB 2021 Scholars by location, discipline and provider

East of England Mechanical Installation Level 2
Pipefitting Level 3
East Coast College
EDP and South Design and draughting Level 3
Project Control Level 3
Richmond upon Thames College
North-East Mechanical Maintenance Level 3
Fabrication/Welding Level 2
North-East Electrical Installation Level 3 Middlesbrough College
North-West Electrical Maintenance Level 3
Mechanical Maintenance Level 3
Gen 2
North-West Electrical Maintenance Level 3
Mechanical Maintenance Level 3
Cheshire College South & West
North-West Pipefitting Level 3 The Engineering College
South-West Mechanical Installation Level 3
Fabrication/Welding Level 2
Bridgwater and Taunton College
Yorkshire and Humber Pipefitting Level 3
Mechanical Maintenance Level 3
DN Colleges Group
Wales Fabrication/Welding Level 2 Pembrokeshire College
Scotland Mechanical Maintenance Level 7
Electrical Maintenance Level 7
Instrumentation and Control Level 7
Forth Valley College