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Gain independent verification of occupational competence through an ECITB qualification

Independent verification of technical competence with ECITB technical tests

Connected competence is available for maintenance technicians

Technical tests

Instrumentation and controls

KT IC TMI 01 - TMI 17

This range of practical tests assesses and verifies the instrumentation and control technician’s ability to maintain, overhaul and commission control systems for:

  • pressure
  • levels
  • flow
  • temperature
  • fire and gas detection
  • fiscal metering and distribution

The tests include:

  • maintaining typical process control valve assemblies and spring return actuators (pneumatic process control)
  • reconfiguring programmable logic control systems
  • fitting new analysers
  • using protection methods for instruments in hazardous areas
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Connected Competence

Instrument and controls tests are available under Connected Competence. Through industry-recognised, standardised testing, Connected Competence assures an ongoing base level of technical competence for workers across the engineering construction industry (ECI) to create a safer, more competent and transferable workforce.

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