Preparing for net zero

The ECITB has curated a selection of the current training options to help prepare your workforce for the drive to net zero.

The drive for climate action has accelerated and with it so has the demand from employers for training to increase the awareness of their employees to the changes that will come with the energy transition. The ECITB has always been guided by the needs of the engineering construction industry and it is becoming increasingly clear that individuals working in our industry need to have a better understanding around net zero technologies, management and financing.

To this end the ECITB would like to highlight courses which are already available from commercial providers. These courses are not reviewed or endorsed by the ECITB, but we believe it is helpful to signpost relevant training options that are available now. Supporting the industry in preparing for the energy transition to net zero is a key part of our strategy and where our in-scope employers are looking to develop their workforce in these areas we invite them to contact their account manager to discuss the possibility of grant support.

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