Save Scotland’s first net zero scholarship launches in Aberdeen with £100k ETZ cash boost to favourites

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A scholarship to equip the next generation of engineers for the energy transition has been launched in Aberdeen at North East Scotland College (Nescol). 

The ECITB Energy Transfer Technician Scholarship will provide technical training for young engineers starting their careers in the energy sector and has now received a £100,000 grant from the city’s Energy Transition Zone (ETZ) to support this “valuable initiative”.

Created by Government skills body the ECITB to address workforce shortages in key engineering roles, scholars get a £100-week grant to develop their engineering knowledge and skills as well as an understanding of the new technologies essential to the successful delivery of net zero, including digital skills.

Ten wind turbine technicians and twelve energy transfer technicians will make up the first cohort of ECITB Energy Transfer Technician Scholars starting at Nescol in September.

Maggie McGinlay, ETZ Ltd Chief Executive, said: “The Energy Transfer and Wind Turbine Pathway scholarships are hugely welcome programmes by the ECITB and Nescol. They will provide future generations with the necessary skills to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities energy transition is bringing.

“Programmes such as these are a crucial component of the regional ambition to be at the very forefront of energy transition and ETZ Ltd is therefore delighted to support this valuable initiative.”

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said Aberdeen was the obvious location to offer Scotland’s first scholarships in these new energy transition disciplines.

“There are a number of challenges facing the engineering construction industry in Aberdeen and the North-east, with growing skills shortages and the need to find and retain skilled engineers probably the most pressing,” he said.

“The ECITB is working closely with employers in both the oil and gas and renewables sectors to identify opportunities to address these issues.

“I am really pleased the ETZ has recognised the value of the scholarship programme and partnered with the ECITB and Nescol to deliver this important training.

“This launch is a very exciting development, not just for the city but for the engineering construction industry as a whole.  It is vital that we invest now to attract new entrants to the industry, to meet workforce needs as energy transition activities are accelerated.”

Susan Grant, Nescol Associate Vice Principal Curriculum, Planning and Partnerships, said: “Energy transition is a crucial part of the Regional Economic Strategy and North East Scotland College is committed to playing a leading role in developing the skills and knowledge required to embrace new and exciting opportunities.

“We are delighted to be working with ECITB and ETZ to deliver the Energy Transfer and Wind Turbine Technician Scholarships and to provide a new pathway for the next generation of engineers as they take their first steps towards sustainable and rewarding careers.

“This investment in the workforce of the future is very welcome as part of the College’s wider focus on green energy, working closely with industry partners to support a rapidly evolving sector.”

Nationwide, the ECITB Scholarship has already prepared 260 scholars for careers in the engineering construction industry since its inception in 2020 to help employers withstand the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis. The programme, which lasts 1-2 years, delivers training focused on regional skills shortages. Scholars who complete the programme possess the foundation skills to move into apprenticeships and employment in industry.

Pictured left to right: Maggie McGinlay, ETZ Ltd Chief Executive; Susan Grant, Nescol Associate Vice Principal Curriculum, Planning and Partnerships;  Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive; Robin McGregor, Nescol Vice Principal: Curriculum and Quality.


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