Save Online training to support Health and Safety, including Mental Health to favourites

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As we begin to ease the lockdown across the UK, the ECITB has highlighted some online learning and webinars that are available to help with health and safety, including mental health.

With social distancing restrictions impacting on every aspect of our lives, here is a selection of online learning and webinars to help companies and training providers make the switch to remote learning.

Chris Claydon - ECITB Chief Executive

ECITB CEO Chris Claydon

Chris Claydon, ECITB Chief Executive, said: “These are unprecedented times that require new skills and ways of working. In recent years industry has worked tirelessly to eliminate hazards, reduce risks and address the health and safety implications of projects.

“With the known impact of mental health on an individual’s physical abilities and decision-making, it makes sense that we view mental health and safety with the same importance as physical health and safety, especially as we begin to emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown.”

To obtain grant support to participate or to find out about other online courses, please contact your account manager.

If any of these are of interest but you are not able to register, please let your account manager know. If there is sufficient demand from our in-scope employers, we will seek to arrange an ECITB-specific session.

Other resources

Join Kingsfield Academy and Freeths for a series of free Webinars in which they explore the behaviours that drive the appropriate decisions and actions needed to overcome the burden of delay and cost overruns and so create opportunities to achieve successful project outcomes.

The following free webinars (all times BST):

Fact, Fiction & Claims – 16 July 2020: 12.00 to 13.00 
Being right is important, but being believed is fundamental. How to tell the story as it is (not how you would like it to be) and explaining without blaming.
Register at this link

Delay Liquidated Damages & Extension of Time – 30 July 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
Understanding the differences, the purpose of the extension of time clause and who benefits.
Register at this link

Preparing for Delay Analysis – 27 August 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
Delay is a five-letter word that is time consuming and expensive to explain. How to cut the cost of schedule delay analysis by effective.
Register at this link

Value, Cost and Damages – 17 September 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
Recognising the differences, when to apply and the evidential documentation required to prove the case.
Register at this link

The effective use of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) – 8 October 2020: 12.00 to 13.00
When it is necessary, how it can be used effectively and what is needed to achieve successful outcomes.
Register at this link

MAJCI & Pro-Reliability Solutions have organised a free webinar on Continuous Improvement. This event is on Wednesday 15 July at 1.00pm – 2.30pm. The webinar will be concentrating on how best to ensure your companies success in the ‘new normal’. Join to hear presentations from experts in the field by a panel discussion. To register email:

Impact Factory are currently running free taster sessions, which last for 1 hour covering various different topics weekly. This week they have an ‘Assertiveness to Build Confidence Taster on the 8th July at 2pm and a ‘Difficult Remote Conversations’ taster on the 9th July at 2pm. Find out more here.

Next week we will focus on ways to continue with technical training.

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