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Following the consultation on grants earlier in the year and recent governance changes, the ECITB has made a number of changes to its grants policy.

The changes ensure that the ECITB’s grant policy is up to date and aligns with government legislation, which gives us the statutory powers to support industry training. This support includes the provision of training and testing through the award of grants to employers from funds raised from the industrial training levy.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said: “Our review of grants started earlier this year as the ECITB sought the views of industry on the way we currently use grants to support training and the priorities for funding.

“We have placed a significant amount of focus on developing the new ECITB Grant Policy with the support of the Board. The changes will ensure our grant decisions continue to meet industry needs and remain compliant with government rules concerning the use of public funds.”

The new grant policy documents available here. If you have any questions, please raise them with your local account management team.

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