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The ECITB has issued further guidance for the engineering construction industry around CCNSG renewal, technical tests, provider audits and connected competence.


CCNSG Renewal Grace Period

Due to a number of CCNSG courses being cancelled at short notice, we recognise that some delegates will have a card that has exceeded the 3-month expiry grace period for renewal. In the majority of cases this will be at no fault of the delegate and as such the ECITB will be extending the grace period for renewal to 6 months from anyone attending a course after Monday 16th March 2020. This extension will be reviewed regularly over the coming months and updates communicated accordingly.

Technical Tests

The coronavirus will impact on the ability of candidates to take technical tests. Any candidate awaiting a technical test, and whose Work Based Task Assignment was near the 12 month limit, will now be given an additional 3 month grace period due to the current situation. We will monitor this position and update as necessary. The same position will also be granted with any candidate who has a test certificate about to run out in March and April, these candidates will also be granted an additional 3 month period on the current expiry date on their test certificate.

Provider Audits

All ECITB face-to-face audits have been suspended for at least the next 4 weeks. This will be kept under review. Where possible the auditor will arrange administration audits remotely via Skype or other video conferencing software.

Connected Competence

We have temporarily suspended the confirmation of additional testing until we have consulted with the senior management of the Connected Competence employers. This is scheduled to take place the 25th March with a further announcement to training providers after the meeting. In the interim all confirmed testing events will be at the discretion of both the worker and training provider.

The latest advice follows last week’s guidance to all employers, providers and centres.

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