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The ECITB has today issued the following statement in response to reports in the trade press today regarding Unite the Union’s opposition to the ECITB’s HSO silver programmes for cable pulling and containment.

The ECITB was asked by EDF and the MEH Alliance to develop training pathways that create progressive career opportunities in line with the principles agreed within the HPC collective M&E agreement, the ECSA, for new entrants coming onto Hinkley Point C. This work commenced in January 2020 and has involved consultation with a wide range of industry stakeholders.

Employer led, the ECITB’s remit is to support the delivery of skills and training in the engineering construction industry. This includes supporting new entrants into the industry, so that employers have the skills they need, individuals acquire relevant industry skills to advance their careers and we collectively build capacity for future industry projects.

The ECITB does not comment on industrial relations matters, which are a matter for the employers and union representatives.

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