Save Bechtel Ltd wins 46th ACTIVE Cup project management competition to favourites

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Seven teams from engineering companies Bechtel Ltd, Subsea 7, McDermott (Onshore), McDermott (Subsea and Floating Facilities), Wood, SLB and T.EN competed in the 46th ECITB ACTIVE Cup this week.

Bechtel Ltd took the prestigious winning place in the closely fought competition with Subsea 7 (gold winner) & T.EN (silver winner) as runners up.  McDermott Onshore won the most improved project team category.

The high-pressure project management competition takes place three times a year with Cranfield School of Management.

Andrew Hockey, ECITB’s CEO, said: “Effective delivery of projects is crucial for the engineering construction industry as it continues to evolve and adapt, particularly to support our journey to Net Zero.

“The ACTIVE Cup is just one part of our project management programmes designed to develop project management skills and nurture behavioural skills, such as collaboration.  It covers a wide range of skills such as planning, cost control, negotiation, working under intense time pressure and, of course, collaborating both internally and with other teams.

“It was great to see the teams in action, working together on the scenario-based activity – and with such enthusiasm.”

The ACTIVE Cup competition has been running for 29 years. It gives teams experience of the whole project management process as they manage a simulated project through an execution phase of 30 weeks.

Mohamed Nabil, Senior Cost Engineer at Bechtel, said: “The ACTIVE Cup was a brilliant experience and I would encourage everyone to participate.

“The competition illustrates the project life cycle and how every professional can impact the schedule and cost through their daily actions and decisions.

“At Bechtel, we hold ourselves accountable to deliver excellence. The knowledge gained from this experience will support that goal.”

Organised by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), the ACTIVE Cup is run in collaboration with, and hosted by, Cranfield School of Management.

The ACTIVE Cup is part of the ECITB’s wider project management training programmes aimed at raising skill levels within the engineering construction industry.

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