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Nominations are now open for the ECI Training and Development Awards 2024.

  • This is an excellent opportunity to highlight individuals or organisations that have excelled in the engineering construction industry over the past year. Here are some top tips on what judges are looking for and how to craft a compelling nomination.

Understanding the categories

Each category in the ECI Training and Development Awards has specific criteria. For instance, the “Graduate of the Year” award is for individuals who have completed a graduate programme within the past 12 months and have made significant contributions to their field. Here’s how to create a standout nomination, using the example of this category.

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1. Demonstrate significant contributions

What the judges are looking for:

Judges seek nominees who have made noteworthy contributions to their organisation and the broader engineering construction industry. To evidence this a person nominating would want to provide concrete examples of projects the nominee has worked on, detailing their specific roles and contributions. This could include highlighting any innovations or improvements introduced by the nominee and even including testimonials from supervisors or colleagues attesting to the nominee’s impact.


2. Showcase commitment to personal development

What the judges are looking for:

Judges consider the nominee’s dedication to their own personal and professional growth. This could be evidenced by detailing the nominee’s participation in training programmes, workshops, or further education, in addition to discussing any professional certifications or additional qualifications they have achieved. You might also wish to highlight involvement in mentoring programmes or professional networks.


ECI Awards At The Cutty Sark 2023 Aspect Ratio 740 740

3. Display inspirational qualities

What the judges are looking for:

Judges are interested in individuals who inspire others through their actions and attitudes. This could entail providing stories or examples where the nominee has motivated or mentored peers. Another way in which this is possible is to include any recognition or awards the nominee has received or describe any volunteer work or community engagement related to their field.


4. Evidence-based examples

Evidence-based examples strengthen the nomination by substantiating claims with concrete proof. This could be obtained by using specific metrics or data to illustrate the nominee’s achievements (e.g., project completion rates, performance metrics) or mentioning relevant reports, publications, or presentations authored by the nominee. The nominator could also include before-and-after scenarios to show the impact of the nominee’s contributions.

Outcomes over objectives

Over the years it has been recognised that judges prefer to see tangible outcomes of the nominee’s efforts rather than just the objectives they set out to achieve. In order to show this, a person might focus on the results of the nominee’s work, such as improved efficiency, reduced costs, or enhanced safety. You could provide case studies or success stories that clearly demonstrate the positive changes brought about by the nominee’s work. A final way could include testimonials from clients or end-users to highlight the practical benefits of the nominee’s contributions.

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