The psychology of project team behaviour

There are a number of areas of potential difficulty associated with establishing an effective project collaboration. Industry and organisational cultures, based on past practices and experience, can cause resistance to the change from traditional to collaborative delivery strategies. Quite apart from individual self-interests, there are a number of psychological [...]

Collaboration, competence assurance and digital skills vital for UK water industry

Collaboration, competence assurance and digital skills all came out as key factors for a successful water industry at British Water’s ‘Addressing the Skills Gap’ conference at Cranfield University. Andy Brown, Chief Operating Officer at the ECITB, chaired the Training & Development Panel at the event. He said: “The challenges [...]

Overcoming resistance to collaborative project delivery: managing naysayers

Historical project and contracting practices can hamper progress in creating a collaborative approach to project delivery. Overcoming these barriers and resistance is vital to achieving collaborative project delivery. Not everyone ‘gets’ collaboration. Many organisations, and the people within them, still hold a ‘win – lose’ view, believing that they [...]

2023-08-04T16:32:25+01:00March 27th, 2023|News, Project Collaboration Toolkit|0 Comments

Time for change: collaborative project contracting

‘Old habits die hard’, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and the especially harsh, ‘a fool at forty is a fool forever’ are all sayings that reference the difficulty humans have in adopting new habits or ways of working. But the pace of change in 2023 is [...]

2023-08-04T16:33:06+01:00February 23rd, 2023|Project Collaboration Toolkit|0 Comments
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