The ECITB launches its Customer Satisfaction Review on the 11th September.

Last done in 2021, the review will look at how we are supporting our customers and where we can improve our service.

It will be delivered on behalf of the ECITB by research agency IFF Research Ltd which will be contacting in-scope employers, training providers, approved centres as well other external stakeholders over the next month or so.

We would be grateful for your time in taking part in this review, which consists of a telephone interview.

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Feedback received in previous years helped us to identify areas for improvement and informed our 2023-25 strategy. For example, we increased our focus on accessibility of training through blended learning and digital products; continued our active engagement with training providers as critical partners in delivering skills development; developed new pathways into the industry including the ECITB Scholarship and increased our engagement with government contacts to ensure engineering construction industry challenges are recognised.

In the 2023 review you will be asked about:

  • Your skills and training priorities and how well the ECITB supports these
  • Your use of ECITB grants, products and services
  • Our account management, engagement support and administration services
  • The ECITB’s strategic objectives and how relevant they are to your organisation
  • Ways in which we add value to your business.

All responses will be made anonymous to the ECITB and the results will be made public in early 2024. 

For further information, please contact