The ECITB pledged to support the Armed Forces Community at an Army Engagement event this week.

The industry-led skills body for the Engineering Construction Industry signed the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC) at an official reception and briefing, hosted by Colonel Matt Palmer, Deputy Commander, which took place in Teesside.

The AFC is a voluntary pledge for organisations to demonstrate commitment and support for the Armed Forces Community who are re-entering civilian life and to publicly recognise the contribution that Service personnel, both regular and reservist, veterans and military families make to the organisation, community and to the country.

Alan Neale shaking hands with Colonel Matt Palmer at signing ceremony.

Alan Neale, Senior Account Manager at the ECITB, signs the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of the ECITB, with Colonel Matt Palmer.

Andy Brown, Chief Operating Officer at the ECITB was a Royal Air Force (RAF) officer before joining the ECITB.  He said: “Having spent 24 years in the RAF, I know the vital role our Armed Forces fulfil and that those that serve (and have served) in the Armed Forces deserve our respect and support and fair treatment.

“I also understand the challenges of making the transition to a new career outside the Armed Forces and adapting to civilian life.  In fact, many of my colleagues here at the ECITB come from a similar background.

“That’s why we are so passionate about this Covenant.  At the event last night, we pledged to demonstrate our commitment to the Covenant by identifying employment routes for veterans seeking new careers with industry employers.

“We committed to creating training pathways into the Engineering and Construction Industry, benchmarked against the National Occupational Standards. And to support the delivery of bespoke military-into-industry training pathways.”

The ECITB has also revised its HR policy so that any active MOD cadets or reservists employed directly by the skills body will get additional paid annual leave for MOD activities.

ECITB attended the public signing ceremony in Teesside, alongside several regional organisations including Tees Valley Careers and the nationwide Career Transition Partnership.