Learners from the North Competency Cluster (NCC) visited SABIC’s Wilton operation which provided valuable insight into the environment and type and work they will transition into.

The NCC is a collaboration between key contractors and site owners in the Teesside area, to create an additional new entrant pipeline targeting a recognised skills gap in the region.

Going forward this model will form a key part of ECITB’s suite of Work Ready programmes which are being rolled out nationwide.

Collaboration between site owners and contractors is delivering tangible wins to bring new people into the industry.

Eleven learners are currently undertaking an intensive skills programme at NETA which is scheduled to complete in July.

Learners from the North Competency Cluster at SABIC’s Wilton operation

Upon successful completion of the course and an interview, they will transition into the engineering construction industry working for employers across the Tees Valley.

SABIC’s Teesside manufacturing site, which is part of the NCC collaboration, kindly offered to host the learners and give them a tour around the site.

SABIC is one of the world’s leading international petrochemical companies.

Together with Altrad, Bilfinger, ConocoPhillips, EDF, Px Group and Venator, they have driven the creation of this ECITB programme that provides guaranteed jobs.

Matt Oates, ECITB’s Interim Head of Operations, said: “This site visit enables the learners to see first-hand the type of environment they will be working in and to see how the skills they have learnt so far can be deployed in the workplace.

“We would like to thank SABIC and Altrad for hosting the learners who thoroughly enjoyed the visit.”