CCNSG Renewal Grace Period Ends 31st March 2022.
As of 31st March 2022, the grace period scheme will come to an end.  All cards expiring on or before 31 March must be renewed via one day Refresher Course or Renewal Test Only, after that period a two-day CCNSG National Course is mandatory.
Example: Your card expired 31st December 2021, you had 3 months grace period up to 31st March to still use your card and take a one day refresher. From 1st April if you have not renewed your card you have to take the 2 day course. There are no further extensions beyond 31st March.
Beginning 1 April 2022, CCCNSG card holders may renew their cards up to six months prior to the expiry date via one day Refresher Course or Renewal Test Only. Once a card reaches its expiry date a two day course is mandatory.