A new ECITB course covering the skills required for Commissioning and Start-up (CSU) roles is now available.

Commissioning and Start-up refers to the transition phase on a plant site between the completion of construction and the start of commercial operation. It encompasses all engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project including systems turnover, checkout of systems, commissioning of systems, introduction of feedstock, and performance testing.

Typically this phase requires a new set of skills for the engineers who are, or will be, involved in CSU and during last year ECITB employers developed two Training Standards covering the skills required for this area: CSU Engineer & CSU Manager.

The ECITB has now approved the first course against the CSU Engineer standard. The course is entitled MasterClass CSU Engineer and is available online or through virtual classroom learning from Falcon Global, with grant funding available in the normal way.