1.What is the difference between a CSCS Card and the Safety Passport?

Answer: The Safety Passport is a two day training course with a test at the end. The CSCS H&S test is a touch screen test based on prior knowledge.   

2.I have a CSCS card, why do I need a Safety Passport?


The CSCS Card is for the Construction Industry and the CCNSG Safety Passport is for the Engineering Construction Industry. The Clients on each site specify what the requirements are to work on their sites.

3. What must I do if I haven’t renewed my card within the 3 months grace period?

Answer: The CCNSG Safety Passport expires after three years from the date of the National or Renewal course. You may come back for a one day Renewal course up to three months after the Safety Passport card has expired. Once the three months have lapsed, you will be required to sit the two day National course again. 

4.Can I obtain a grant for the course?

Answer: ECITB do not offer grants for the CCNSG Safety Passport. Your employer or local job centre may be able to assist you with costs.

5.Can the ECITB run the course in-house?

Answer: The CCNSG courses (National, Renewal & Leading a Team Safely) can only be run by Approved Licenced CNSG training providers. Details of Approved Licenced CCNSG Training providers can be found on the CCNSG or ECITB website. 

6. How can I get a replacement card?

Answer:  Contact your local training provider and arrange a time when you can visit. All training providers are listed on the 'Find a training provider' page. You do not have to get a replacement card from the provider you did the training with.