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ECITB Apprenticeship Phase Testing

The ECITB have developed a suite of Apprentice Phase Tests that can be used as indicators of progression of apprentices leading to their End Point Assessment in England.

The tests also ensure that there is a standardised outcome for apprenticeships across GB where there is a mix of apprenticeship standards and existing frameworks being delivered.

What are they?

The Apprentice Phase Tests, which will be a combination of knowledge and practical tests, will be delivered at set milestones within the apprenticeship. These milestones will be at approximately 3, 12, 24 and 36 months, or final gateway for those Apprentices registered on standards in England.

How will they be delivered?

To support the delivery of Apprentice Phase Testing, and support other testing requirements such as ECITB Technical Tests and the new suite of ECITB Vocational Qualifications, the ECITB aim to establish a network of Skills Centres.

For more information on the Apprenticeship Phase testing and how to tender to be a Skills Centre, please follow these links:

Apprenticeship Phase testing - Further information

Apprenticeship Phase testing - Presentation

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