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The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board provides professional advice, information, skills development and qualifications to help individuals within engineering construction succeed in their chosen careers.

Working closely with industry employers, their training programmes and Vocational Qualifications guarantee competence in practical craft and technician occupations as well as the technical, management supervisory, design and project management skills.


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WebinEYE #5 DEFINE – What is Good Definition? – Wednesday, 25 November 12.30pm

he third and final Front End Loading (FEL) phase, DEFINE serves as the transition between opportunity identification and authorisation / sanction of the project opportunity for realisation and delivery. The DEFINE phase sets out to finalise the project scope, cost estimate and schedule (to suitable levels of definition and certainty) as the basis for the final decision to proceed.

Questions that need to be answered during DEFINE are:-

  • Is the project aligned with client business strategy and plans?
  • Is the project sufficiently defined and risk assessed to provide the basis of the final sanction / approval decision? (the understanding of residual uncertainties / risks and the verification of project scope, cost and schedule are vitally important)
  • What are the project economics, economic risks and sensitivities? (DEFINE should have considered a range of forward economic scenarios to test the economic viability and robustness of the project)

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The Skills Charter is to encourage both companies and clients in engineering construction to put the skills shortage at the top of their agenda. Here are some of the companies that have signed the pledge.
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