The ECITB has developed wind turbine mechanical joint integrity training products in response to demand from industry.

Working with industry employers and subject matter experts, the ECITB has developed a training standard, log book assignment, and a technical test for the verified controlled bolting of wind turbine bolted connections.

The new training products are designed around bolted connections from the foundation, tower section to the met mast and beyond to ensure the competence of staff involved specifically in controlled bolting operations on wind turbines.

The technical content, key learning points and outcomes are specific to the torqueing and tensioning of wind turbine bolted connections. The programme also includes a log book requiring candidates to complete a series of controlled bolting tasks prior to attending an ECITB technical test.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said: “With the British Energy Security Strategy asking the industry to more than quadruple its generating capacity to 50 GW by 2030, including 5 GW of floating offshore wind, the safe and effective maintenance of wind turbines is of critical importance to meet the UK Government’s net zero target.

“It is clear that with the continued rapid growth of the wind turbine industry both on and offshore there is a requirement for comprehensive training and technical testing to ensure the competence and safety of staff in the sector.

“The ECITB has extensive experience working in highly regulated, safety critical environments and our established expertise in MJI training will help ensure technicians work safely and effectively, meeting the legal requirements.

“With around a quarter of ECITB registered companies operating in the renewable energy supply chain, the ECITB has a crucial role to play in developing the skills of the workforce and the thousands of new jobs this investment will create.”

MJI for wind turbine technicians