The ECITB – leading skills body for the engineering construction industry – has revealed plans for a major review of its training standards to futureproof training and enhance digital skills. With the increased demand for digital skills, and rapid technological change sweeping through the workplace, the ECITB aims to ensure training reflects the standards required by employers both now and in the future.

Working with in-scope companies and licensed training organisations, the ECITB will review around 360 national occupational standards spread across 22 disciplines to ensure the correct foundations are in place for the ECITB’s qualification and training products. This includes ensuring the standards incorporate essential digital knowledge and skills, and also those needed to foster a diverse and inclusive working culture.

Chris Claydon - ECITB Chief Executive

ECITB CEO Chris Claydon

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said: “We know that in order to meet the future demand for skilled engineers from industry, we must refresh our training standards and the ECITB’s corresponding products and services to help drive forward skills in our sector.

“By anticipating the new skills requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and developing training standards to meet the needs of the engineering construction workforce, we can help enable our industry to compete globally.”

In response to Industry 4.0, the ECITB’s new strategy Leading Industry Learning 2020-22 sets out plans to prepare for new and emerging technologies that are set to revolutionise the engineering construction industry. As well as updating existing products, the ECITB has developed new training standards in recognition of emerging occupations within industry, such as Industrial Drone Operator and is preparing to invest more grant funding in new occupational skills and cutting edge technology-equipped training.

From Autumn 2019, the ECITB will begin ongoing consultation with employers through online surveys and working groups. If you are interesting in being involved please contact your ECITB regional account manager.