Qualification summary

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This Level 3 Diploma in Integrated Nuclear Engineering & Science (RQF) provides learners with an introduction to nuclear science and the nuclear industry including a look at the fundamentals of electrical science, mathematics and physical chemistry for nuclear.

This qualification is suitable for individuals looking to embark on a career in the nuclear industry sectors. It provides recognition that learners can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of workers in the nuclear sector.

This content of this qualification has been designed using training standards owned by the National College for Nuclear (NCfN).

Where is this qualification delivered?

To complete this qualification learners must enrol with one of ECITB’s Approved Centres listed below.

What is the qualification structure?

It takes the average learner 740 hours to complete this qualification. This includes 560 hours with a teacher, trainer or assessor, the remaining hours are unsupervised time for learning and producing evidence to be assessed.

To achieve this qualification learners must complete all 12 mandatory units shown below.

The duration of this qualification is full-time, two terms.

Qualification units

NES 01
Introduction to nuclear science and the nuclear industry

NES 02
Fundamentals of mathematics for nuclear engineering and science

NES 03
Fundamentals of physical chemistry for nuclear

NES 04
Fundamentals of electrical science for nuclear

NES 05
Fundamentals of mechanical science for nuclear

NES 06
Fundamentals of study, report writing and presentation skills

NES 07 (optional unit)
Introduction to inorganic and organic chemistry for nuclear

NES 08 (optional unit)
Introduction to Instrumentation for nuclear

NES 09 (optional unit)
Introduction to control systems for nuclear

NES 10 (optional unit)
Chemistry for nuclear – practical

NES 11 (optional unit)
Engineering science for nuclear – practical

NES 12 (optional unit)
Introduction to radiological protection, detection and monitoring

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