Covid-19 guidance for employers, training providers and centres

In light of the emerging situation regarding the Covid-19 epidemic and the guidance issued by Government, here are the steps the ECITB is taking to maintain our services during this period.

This page is kept up to date with the latest guidance for employers, training providers and centres.


—Wednesday 18th March—


Latest CCNSG Update and technical testing update

As of 17th March, the ECITB has not suspended licences and technical support for testing or training activity or instructed any ECITB licence holders to suspend any such activity.  The ECITB position is that all those involved should carefully consider the latest government guidance before committing to either providing or accessing any of the services.  This includes consideration of whether or not individuals involved should be self-isolating, their exposure to vulnerable people, the Government’s hygiene guidance, as well as judgement on how essential it is to travel to/from a centre and that mode of travel. We will closely monitor this situation and should it subsequently become necessary to suspend licences and technical support to prevent testing or training activity, this will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.


Technical Tests

The coronavirus will have an impact on when candidates will be able to take their relevant technical test at the test centre. Any candidate who was about to take the technical test and their Work Based Task Assignment was near the 12 month limit will now be given an additional 3 month grace period due to the coronavirus situation. We will monitor this position and update as necessary. The same position will also be granted with any candidate who has a test certificate about to run out in March and April, these candidates will also be granted an additional 3 month period on the current expiry date on their test certificate.


CCNSG Renewal Grace Period

Due to a number of CCNSG courses being cancelled at short notice the ECITB recognise that some delegates, when able to re-attend a course, will have a card that has exceeded the 3 month expiry grace period for renewal. In the majority of cases this will be at no fault of the delegate and as such the ECITB will be extending the grace period for renewal to 6 months from anyone attending a course after Monday 16th March 2020. This extension will be reviewed regularly over the coming months and updates communicated accordingly.

—Tuesday 17th March—

ECITB issues guidance to all employers, providers and centres

In light of the emerging situation regarding the Covid-19 epidemic and the advice issued yesterday by the Prime Minister, here are the steps the ECITB is taking to maintain our services during this period.

We continue to provide all ECITB business operations and you should not notice any difference in the level of service we provide. That includes telephone services and access to the Membership Services Portal.

ECITB staff have been instructed to avoid all face to face meetings, unless they are absolutely essential. As of today, all ECITB regional forums, events and group meetings will either be held remotely, via telephone/video conferencing, or will be postponed. If you are signed up to attend an event, you will be informed of the alternative arrangements very soon.

We are mindful of the impact the Coronavirus is having on training and we are therefore considering ways in which to help employers and providers complete training. As of today, we are actively encouraging in-scope employers to consider online training options for their staff. Employers can apply for ECITB grant support towards online training through the Membership Services Portal or by speaking to their account manager.

In addition, as a temporary measure, we are reducing registration fees for e-learning with ECITB Approved Providers by 50% with effect from 1st April.

The Awarding Organisation will be contacting all Approved Centres to outline its requirements and external quality assurance during this period.

The ECITB Board will be considering further measures to support employers and training providers and we will announce these in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Claydon