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Technological Change LMI cover

A new labour market intelligence report into the impact of technological change on the ECI has been published by the ECITB. The report is based on a survey of more than 800 employers conducted by Pye Tait Consulting.

Key findings

Industry employers on technological change in their business:

  • 81% of businesses expect new technology to improve efficiency.
  • 65% of businesses expect improved precision.
  • 55% expect new business opportunities compared with only 4% who expect reduced business opportunities.
  • 42% of employers already use digital technologies, such as Big Data, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.
  • 15% of industry employers use low carbon technologies.

On the impact on job roles:

  • 9% of surveyed employers believe that technology will reduce their headcount whereas 20% predict their workforce will grow as a result of technological change in the industry.
  • 62% expect technological change will see more demand for engineering-related technicians
  • 59% expect to see more demand for engineering and science professionals
  • 54% expect greater demand for skilled mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electronic trades.


On challenges in adopting new technologies:

  • 34% said lack of time and 30% lack of resources were the biggest challenges in adopting new technologies.
  • 19% of employers said their workforce lacks the skills to adopt new technologies
  • 16% of companies believe training courses are not at the cutting edge of industry needs
  • 14% feel there is a lack of readily available training courses.
  • 24% of employees see no challenges in adopting new technologies
  • A significant minority (20%) claim new technology is not immediately relevant to their business.

The report is available to download in full here:

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